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Anej Sirk

Project manager

Matija Štulac

Online advertiser

Our history...

The collaboration between Anej and Matija started 3 years ago on a startup project related to cryptocurrencies and continued within the Urban Planty project.

The long-standing problem of "Planty" was that neither of us knew how to sell it. This is the type of sales where you have to first create a need for the product and gradually build a community of users that creates a market for it. Anything but a light bite for two sales laymen.


We came across the phrase growth hacking.

It is an online sales approach that supports process thinking and puts the collection of "hard data" at the forefront on which to build business growth. We spent quite some time replacing intuitive practice with so-called data-driven approach.

We build sales growth only on those things that we can check (tastable), track (tracable) and expand their scope (scalable).

With such a methodological approach to solving challenges in the field of company growth, we tackle the acquisition of users, regulating their interactions with a product or service, increasing revenue, market research to launch a new product (finding the so-called problem-solution fit) or, for example, introducing a system of recommendations on the Web.


Urban Planty d.o.o.

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